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Understand Gold & It's Direction 


- The reasons for Gold to maintain it's vibrancy

- It's outlook into it's next decade and why?


In recent years Gold has been steadily appreciating since late 2015, while other markets have either remained uncertain or had plunged below par.


What are the key reasons for Gold to remain so vibrant? Why will it likely to maintain this trend despite a zero dividend payout? Apart from investing in Gold, what are the other available options to participate in Gold?


How can we position ourselves for our long term investment goals and / or short-term trading opportunities?


55 minutes 


Practical illustration with case studies

A recorded webinar with access to it's Q&A 


I presented a “buy” for Precious Metal a few years back in Hong Kong to a class of Fund Managers. Today, it is about 70% higher. As I review my blog again, both Gold and Silver are still in it’s beginning of it’s uptrend. It is always good to have a balanced portfolio with some income or dividend stocks and also some inflation hedge assets like precious metals.