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The potential between Gold and Silver, which is better?

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Time to invest in Gold? On 26th October, Bloomberg published "Hedge funds are getting their Gold bets wrong".In my opinion, Silver may be a better choice for long term investors.On 28 August 2015, Silver lowest price was $13.99. We are seeing a potential rebound for Silver to trade higher from here. It is also more attractive compare to Gold as it has depreciated much.

The most popular precious metals are gold and silver and they move in tandem over a longer period of time. Since 2011, gold and silver has depreciated at around the same time, to date gold was -44.11% and silver -73.4%. If to invest in precious metals for long term, I will prefers to have more silver as I consider it as much undervalue compare to gold. On any appreciation in the future, I believe silver will do it's necessary "catch-up". Try calculating your yield reference to today's low in the future, I believe we will be all delighted to have more silver position.

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