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An archive of the assignments after completing the following programmes.


It showcase their observation made on potential investment and trading opportunities and it's subsequent outcome.

This is to facilitate deep learning and our pragmatic approach on application, in applying what you have learned to investing into different markets. Members can continuously gain access to the past and future case studies.  

Gain access to member site

Complete "Invest and Trade with Precision" to gain access to "Level 2" case studies. 

Complete "Short Term Trading Strategy" to gain access to "Level 3" case studies.


Our Forecast 

The Result  

Studies shown a potential reversal down from it's recent high at $14.04. State your reasons and observation. 

Objective met. OCBC reached it's low at $10.36 on 30 Oct 18. 

To Note

This is to facilitate learning to it's application after participants completed level 2 or 3 programme. Forecasting is still not a complete science as there are chances of error. Past performance in our studies does not represent or guarantee our future forecast accuracy. 

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