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Course Structure - Managing Today's Uncertainty Series 


In this series, we designed the programmes in a progressive learning manner. Our objective is to help investors and traders to achieve absolute returns in managing today's uncertainty and volatility. Learn how to manage between passive investment style and active investment style in different market cycles.


Following are the recommended courses, these programmes are exclusively designed for Singapore Exchange, for our investors and traders community.


You can select any programme separately and in no sequential order. Having completing this series, you will grasp the full concept in managing today's challenging markets.

The courses in brief, you learn:

Course 1, 

Why value investing and it's analysis is only one part of the whole investment matrix. You will learn how to be an investment strategist, in distributing your investment purchases systematically and strategically in a bull, bear and range market cycle.  

Course 2,

Why derivatives is even more crucial as a tool in this uncertain market.  You will develop a good understanding on the different classes of derivatives and how to deploy them in the time of uncertainty and volatility.

Course 3,

How to time your investment and trade with greater precision. This is a tactical programme where you will acquire the skills on market entries with greater confidence.


Course 4,

How to recognise the current trends and the changing trend. The key for every successful investor or trader is to acquire the ability to recognise the forthcoming change; in the market's cycle and trend. You will learn the art to manage your profits and risks in a given trend and how to grow your trading portfolio into longevity.  

This level 3 programme comes with SkillsFuture credit.  

Course 1 & 2  


Bull & bear investment strategies

- For investors 

Fee: SGD40

Duration: 3 hours


A guide to derivatives trading

- For traders 

Fee: SGD40

Duration: 3 hours

Course 3

Invest & trade with precision 

Fee: SGD280

Duration: 6 hours


Course 4 


Short term trading strategies - SkillsFuture SG

SGD800 (Usual SGD1,000) 

Duration: 12 hours


MySkillsFuture credit can be used for this course: 


  • For all Singaporean who is 25 years old and above or / and

  • For licensed professionals in the financial sector, you can claim up to 90% if you are 40 years old and above

  • Call 6327 5438 or email to enquire on claim




Highlight for course 3 & 4:


  • Application with practical sessions, case studies on the current markets after each theory segment  

  • After workshop group Whatsapp support 

  • Access to membership site to review past studies 

For course 3 & 4 past attendees only:


  • Refresher course at 30% of the published rate. In each intake, we will case studies on the current markets. 

  • Refer a friend on the level you have attended before. You can attend the same intake with you friend for free.  

  • Interested to attend refresher course or to refer a friend, email:

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