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What's on Warren Buffett's Mind - Market Outlook 2016



Most fund managers tend to underperform from their benchmarks such as S&P or STI Index. This phenomenon is most likely to continue. What is the biggest challenge for these fund managers? During the seminar, we will be discussing about various advantages available for retail investors over fund managers. We will also be discussing about “what's on Warren Buffett’s mind” and how fund managers can position themselves to outperform during uncertain markets.


What You Will Learn:

1)      Which sector of investment will be the focus of Warren Buffett and what's the reason behind?

2)      Warren Buffett and his successor’s investment plan for the next 30 years

3)      What is the current market opportunity now and why?

4)      What else you need to know as a value investor...


Registration and more details:

Date & Venue:

6th January 2016, Wednesday, 7:00pm-9:00pm,

17 Phillip Street #08-00, Grand Building, Singapore 048695


Course Fee:



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