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Understanding Global Economy  



Using Economic Indicators to boost your business and sharpen your job skills with the study of economic indicators and central bank’s policies.


We are all too busy in our narrow industries to truly analyse and understand what’s happening in the global economy. This means that we won’t know how major trends in the global economy are developing and how they would affect our businesses and our jobs.  It might be too late when these trends hit us.  This 2-hour course will try to address this big handicap we all face in our busy lives.  


Dr Tan will help you to understand the major economic indicators we hear of almost every week. What do all these indicators mean?  How would they affect the Singapore economy, our jobs, and our retirement plans?   
Course highlights:

•    Understand what those major economic indicators are all about and what they mean to our jobs and our businesses
•    Using these economic indicators, we take a practical approach to the problems of the global economy 


Who should attend:

•    Bank Relationship managers 
•    Real Estate Agents  
•    Life Insurance Consultants  
•    Financial Planners / Advisors
•    Fund Managers 
•    Anyone managing his retirement fun



Dr Tan Kee Wee



2 hours


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