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Attended by retail investors and traders

"I have been following your sessions for almost 2 years now. Always find it thought provoking and insightful."

Ms Yap Geok Hoon

Private Investor

(Singapore) - 11 Apr 19 

"It was insightful and I learnt a great deal from your sharing. I wanted to look through some of the concepts again."

Mr Geraldo Low

Private Investor 

(Singapore) - 07 Jan 19

"An eye opener. In this short time, I found it fascinating that markets move and react the way they do due to external events. It's really interesting. I will definitely be thinking about what investors' type I am" -

Mr Ammar Hassanbhai

Private Investor

(Singapore) - 01 Oct 18 

"The programme is very easy to understand. A new avenue in learning about investment has just opened to for me. I like the presentation flow and I am missing out in the macro portion on my investment. Thank you very much."

Ms Jezzamyn 

Private Investor 

(Singapore) - 17 Aug 16

Attended mainly by securities retail and licence professionals

"This is excellent and thanks for sharing. Education is a core tenet for SGX, I am very happy that we have quality of teachers like yourself helping with our vision to help people achieve financial security and independence long term. We are all living longer and this will make a difference"

Ms Jenny Chiam, Head of Securities of Singapore Exchange

(Singapore) -14 Oct 15

Attended mainly by bank traders

“…conducting an outstanding presentation…response to the seminar was overwhelming with 130 participants. The content of the presentation carries high degree of practically. Feedback from our members throughout the seminar is positive and encouraging”

Mr Jack Cheung, CEO of Treasury Market Association

(Hong Kong) -12 Jan 15

Attended mainly by securities and futures licence professionals

“…turnout rate of this training was great – about 30 participants (full house) attended”  “The participants rated very high of this course and their satisfaction of the course was 4.71 (where 5=very good… The average rating of instructor was 4.88. Well done and thanks for delivery such a great course for us.”

Ms Ruth Kung, Executive Director for Education & Development of Hong Kong Securities & Investment Institute

(Hong Kong) - 05 Nov 14

The key to investing 

- Planning & Strategizing 



The key to investing successfully is more than just finding value stocks, investing in them and holding it indefinitely. Value investing tells us what stocks to invest, whereas knowing how to strategize tells us when and how to buy them. 

Savvy investors know how to make their investments’ plans and manoeuvre each move when faced with uncertainty, they strategizing their investments.


Tactical investing is essential today, especially in this uncertain investment environment we are in.


Learning outcome:

•    The investment decision making process
•    How to strategize our investment in a constant changing market?
•    How to protect our investment in this uncertain environment? 
•    What is tactical investment and how to carry it out?
•    How savvy investors manage their profits and risks?
•    How and why active investors make investment switches?


Date & Venue:

No physical classes since COVID-19

Refer to E-learning for similar course 

Course fee:



Wong Kon How 

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