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MasterClass - The Complete Financial Market Series



Investors may be holding to their positions or thinking about new investment without realising the market tides have changed. Traders may be trading without realising there is no real growth. How to tell if it still a good time for invest or to trade?


Kee Wee and Kon How believe whether you are an investor or trader, you need to learn and understand how the overall market phenomenal works. With this mastery, investors will develop market sensitivity to ride with the major trends and traders will develop a skill to trade into the volatility.


Our markets are all inter-related. With the understanding of the Econometric and Market Psychology and Volatility, you will learn how to apply these skills to the stock markets, Forex, Futures and the US markets successfully.


Learning outcome:

For traders, who would like to improve in timing the market, and to expose themselves to more trading opportunities.


For value investors, reading into the market cycles, will help them with their investment decisions - when to hold and when to let go, releasing investment capital for the next cycle.


For business owner, reading into business cycle, will help them to time their business expansion and contraction ahead of their competitors.



Kee Wee & Kon How


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Course Fee:

SGD1,800 (excluding GST) 



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