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Institutional Clients

Very informative video, well presented⁠. Please make more of these!
This totally deserves the selection for Editors' Picks, congrats! 

TradingView (United States) - 01 Mar 24

Thank you! I'm sure our clients learnt a lot from your professional views. Eurex is happy with the session as well. Look forward to further collaboration.

Mr Teyu Che Chern - CEO, Phillip Nova

(Singapore) - 06 Jul 23

On behalf of Singapore Exchange and our co-host, InvestingNote, we like to say a big thank you for being a part of the event. It will not be possible without your participation and helping us share the event. We sincerely appreciate the effort and support rendered. We look forward to the continued partnership.

Mr Ong Cheong Jin, Director - Retail Investors Segment and SGX Academy

(Singapore) - 01 Mar 21

Your presentation was excellent, very clear and full of information for any potential investor. Thank you so much!  

The report shows 238 people registered for this webinar with interest from traders in 39 countries – that quite a reach!

Ms Cynthia Tomain, Director - Education - Interactive Brokers

(United States) - 10 Nov 20

"I have received very good feedback both from the staff members as well as our clients. We definitely have to step up our collaboration with you going forward."

Mr Tony Lim, CEO of IG Group

(Singapore) - 27 Apr 18

"This is excellent and thanks for sharing. Education is a core tenet for SGX, I am very happy that we have quality of teachers like yourself helping with our vision to help people achieve financial security and independence long term. We are all living longer and this will make a difference"

Ms Jenny Chiam, Head of Securities of Singapore Exchange

(Singapore) -14 Oct 15

“…conducting an outstanding presentation…response to the seminar was overwhelming with 130 participants. The content of the presentation carries high degree of practically. Feedback from our members throughout the seminar is positive and encouraging”

Mr Jack Cheung, CEO of Treasury Market Association

(Hong Kong) -12 Jan 15

“…turnout rate of this training was great – about 30 participants (full house) attended”  “The participants rated very high of this course and their satisfaction of the course was 4.71 (where 5=very good… The average rating of instructor was 4.88. Well done and thanks for delivery such a great course for us.”

Ms Ruth Kung, Executive Director for Education & Development of Hong Kong Securities & Investment Institute

(Hong Kong) - 05 Nov 14

Industry Practitioners

Thank you for the very interesting lecture in Hong Kong last week on "Managing Volatility". I found it useful and enjoyed it.

Gerard Millet, Chairman

Milma & Co. Ltd (Mergers & Acquisitions) - 02 Nov 16

Learning about the viability of using derivatives as an investment vehicle, along with the common pitfalls that rookie investors and traders typically encounter. Thank you Kon How Wong for your unreserved sharing!

Melissa Lim

Bloomberg - 01 Mar 16


…shared his trading experiences especially in how he traded with only price and volume. He even entered into a live trade when he spotted an intra-day trading opportunity…impressed us by sharing his view on why he believedthe low of STI had been created.  It’s truly a lesson from real live experience which I had never learnt from other courses.

After attending his course, I feel confident to use Structured Warrants as one of my trading instruments

Mr Benjamin Sng

Remisier from Lim & Tan Securities – 29 Sep 15

我很荣幸能有机会上这四天的 SW 课程,让我能学了很多非常务实与实用的方法和观念。这些技术对我们股票经纪人或做为独立投资人都是長久性受益无穷的技能。最让我印象深刻的莫过于您的诚实与诚恳的態度。您说不能担保一定全对,但您收集的数据和方法肯定能増进我们的勝算,買賣时也更有信心,至于其他方面就只能管控市场的风险了。希望在不久的将来还能有机会上您的课,听您的分享。


股票经纪 from Lim & Tan Securities – 29 Sep 15

Individual Investors

"I have been following your sessions for almost 2 years now. Always find it thought provoking and insightful." 

Ms Yap Geok Hoon

Private Investor

(Singapore) - 11 Apr 19 

"I am really humbled by the immense knowledge out there which I've yet to learn about finance and investment. Thank you for giving great insights into precision market entry and exit. I really like your delivery. Looking forward to learn more from you.

Dr Sharon Loh 


(Singapore) - 11 Jan 19 

"I like every minute of it. It given me an understanding, just like fitting missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

I learnt how macro affecting the micro economics, which in term affect the stock prices. Also, how to strategies and deploy our savings fund in 3 different markets - bull, range and bear and when market condition changes." 

Mr Lim Kah Yong


(Singapore) - 11 Apr 18

“Thanks for sharing on the topic of derivatives. It was a good primer for those new to derivatives, including me. Can see your dedication in knowledge sharing and in coming up with good course program…I find your point on “I take risk in investing, but not in trading” rather insightful."

Kwek WL, Lab Engineer

(Singapore) - 15 Dec 14

“…seminar on Derivatives you conducted, I found it informative and useful. The conservative approach to under-trading,  understanding and managing risk that you spoke at length appeal to me. What I‘ve realised from your seminar: not to fear volatility, there can be opportunity in volatility.”

Chew AB

(Singapore) -  24 Jan 15

I have enjoyed this 2.5 days course and found it to be most interesting, informative and useful.  In the past, I had attended various courses that taught me how to trade, read charts and identify the peaks and troughs and to follow the Trend. However, none of these courses were as detailed and concised as your MasterClass.  

I am truly glad that I attended this course, learning the Big picture (a peak into the history and origins of current economic "crises") from Dr. Tan was both insightful and enjoyable too.   It beats the many hours spent reading up on as many Analysts reports and business news which can be overwhelming and confusing.

I am encouraging my Husband and also my remiser to attend the next MasterClass.  Thank you again to the both of you.

Sally, Retired & Full-time Investor 

(Singapore) – 24 Jul 15

Like to inform you that I learn a lot from you from the precision entry and short term trading strategies classes. Your class is very interesting as well.

The point so far that leaves the deepest impression to me is you mention at the point of entry, you got to be sure are we trading or investing. I started adopting this approach and I realise I became more confident in my trades and I am able to fine tune my approach as the approach to investing and trading is very different. I like your point on taking risk in investment but not in trading as well.

I believe not many people at the point of entry have an exit plan in the event that we are wrong. I do not have an exit plan as well previously. Then looking back when things don't go my way, I tend to panic or console myself when a trade don't go well that I am "a long term investor".

After adopting the above 2 points, I realise that I am confident in my trades and have more courage to execute a trade.

Even though both of your courses are more geared towards trading, I realise it can be applied to investing as well. For example, previously I used to just average down on a good stock along the way instead of looking for possible bottom before executing a trade. After attending the precision entry course, I am able to fine tune my entry point.

For short term trading strategies, I realise your first lesson was on understanding your profile and trade according to your lifestyle. Previously I tried to trade intra-day while working and realise I just could not cope and end up losing money. Looking back, if I knew this earlier then I can adjust accordingly.

You are able to explain clearly the strategies for intra-day as well as for longer term positions. The approach is very structured. You also share with us your views on the market and back it up with the charts. I appreciate the point on the inverse relationship between US and Asia market as well as how you read into the "herd mentality".

Will strongly recommend people to attend your classes.

Heng Hou, Professional Accountant

(Singapore) - 04 Jul 16

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