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Technical Analysis Explained

Watch videos below

Channel News Asia "Money Mind" 

interview on 22 January 2016

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These videos are not produced nor owned by Weipedia but by UK spreadbetting.  It gives a good introduction to charting and technical analysis.


Watch videos below

Module 2: Charting Basics

Module 5: Accumulation / Distribution

Module 1: Technical Analysis and the Dow Theory

Module 3: Trend Concepts

Module 4: Reversal and Continuation Patterns  

Module 6: Moving Averages

Module 7: Oscillators and Sentiment Indicators  

Module 10: Cloud Charts: the Ichimoku Technique  

Module 8: Further Charting

Module 9: Elliott Waves and Cycles of Time  

Module 11: Money Management and Computers

Module 12: How to Build a Trading System

Module14: Futures

Module 16: Forex Trading

Module 17: Strategies and Trading Principles  

Module 13: The Stock Market  

Module 15: Options

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