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Applied the concept of entry and varying my profits, I closed all positions the next day. 

Risk / Profit Ratio:

1st tranche  - 1/1.7

2nd tranche - 1/2.1

3rd tranche - 1/2.7

Total 2% profit of investment fund in 1 day.

Hopefully, trading performance will remain consistent like this. Thank you for sharing with us your trading strategy. 

Jan F., Oil Project Engineer

18th Jun 19

Class of 2nd & 3rd Dec 17

"Finally, know and learn the whole thinking process after attended all his programmes"

Woo, SIA Engineer

"Learn the importance of adopting a systematic approach to trading managing our trade & risk and right mindset"

Andrew, Business owner 

"The step by step process and detailed explanation."

Seah Kah Howe, Student

"Very good knowledge and information to help me on short term trading"

Lee Kong Loong, Self employed

"When to enter and exit. Know more about market psychology"

Jain Yi, Engineer

"Case studies!"

Wenny, SGX Executive

Attended mainly by securities retail and licence professionals

"This is excellent and thanks for sharing. Education is a core tenet for SGX, I am very happy that we have quality of teachers like yourself helping with our vision to help people achieve financial security and independence long term. We are all living longer and this will make a difference"

Ms Jenny Chiam, Head of Securities of Singapore Exchange

(Singapore) -14th October 2015


Attended mainly by bank traders

“…conducting an outstanding presentation…response to the seminar was overwhelming with 130 participants. The content of the presentation carries high degree of practically. Feedback from our members throughout the seminar is positive and encouraging”

Mr Jack Cheung, CEO of Treasury Market Association

(Hong Kong) -12th January 2015


Attended mainly by securities and futures licence professionals

“…turnout rate of this training was great – about 30 participants (full house) attended”  “The participants rated very high of this course and their satisfaction of the course was 4.71 (where 5=very good… The average rating of instructor was 4.88. Well done and thanks for delivery such a great course for us.”

Ms Ruth Kung, Executive Director for Education & Development of Hong Kong Securities & Investment Institute

(Hong Kong) - 5th November 2014


A retail investor from SGX Academy

Like to inform you that I learn a lot from you from the precision entry and short term trading strategies classes. Your class is very interesting as well.


The point so far that leaves the deepest impression to me is you mention at the point of entry, you got to be sure are we trading or investing. I started adopting this approach and I realise I became more confident in my trades and I am able to fine tune my approach as the approach to investing and trading is very different. I like your point on taking risk in investment but not in trading as well.

I believe not many people at the point of entry have an exit plan in the event that we are wrong. I do not have an exit plan as well previously. Then looking back when things don't go my way, I tend to panic or console myself when a trade don't go well that I am "a long term investor".


After adopting the above 2 points, I realise that I am confident in my trades and have more courage to execute a trade.


Even though both of your courses are more geared towards trading, I realise it can be applied to investing as well. For example, previously I used to just average down on a good stock along the way instead of looking for possible bottom before executing a trade. After attending the precision entry course, I am able to fine tune my entry point.


For short term trading strategies, I realise your first lesson was on understanding your profile and trade according to your lifestyle. Previously I tried to trade intra-day while working and realise I just could not cope and end up losing money. Looking back, if I knew this earlier then I can adjust accordingly.


You are able to explain clearly the strategies for intra-day as well as for longer term positions. The approach is very structured. You also share with us your views on the market and back it up with the charts. I appreciate the point on the inverse relationship between US and Asia market as well as how you read into the "herd mentality".


Will strongly recommend people to attend your classes.

Heng Hou, Professional Accountant 

(Singapore) - 4th July 2016



Short Term Trading Strategies 

If your investment horizon is 3 years or less, you are a short term investor.


  • To identify the change in trend and to learn how to carry out the entry and exit process for both short term investor and trader.

  • Managing it's profits and risks after each entry. 

  • Proficient in managing  today's market uncertainty and volatility. 

For who?

Profile type:

  • Short term investor in stocks (3mth-3yr)

  • Short term trader in derivatives (2day-3 mth)

  • Intra-day trade (within the day)

Learning outcome: 

  • How to identify which profile type we are

  • Making specific investment or trading plan for each profile type 

  • How to identify a change in trend, then

  • How to identify and engage a point of entry for each profile type 

  • How to take profit(s) for each profile type 

  • How to define a specified measured risk or stop loss after each trade

  • How to manage market uncertainty and volatility 
  • Growing our trading fund in spite of volatility


Course highlights:

  • Practical session with case studies on the current markets after each module 

  • After programme continuous support with tutorials

  • Level 3 membership access review past case studies on the change in trend ad it's outcome  

  • 12 full hours programme, 2 days  

  • Our accuracy 



No physical classes since COVID-19 

Refer to E-learning for similar course 


SGX Center 1, Level 2, 2 Shenton Way, Singapore 068804


Course Fee:

SGD800 (Usual SGD1,000)

If registration closed, walk-in with cash payment only 


MySkillsFuture credit can be used for this course: 


  • For all Singaporean who is 25 years old and above or / and

  • For licensed professionals in the financial sector, you can claim up to 90% if you are 40 years old and above



Wong Kon How 

Preview video on "Intra day trade type"

Mandarin preview video on "Intra day trade type"  短期交易策略

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