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Weighing Between Market News & Reports

By Wong Kon How

A case study between the reporting from two sources.

Business Insider on 24 May 22:

Russia's economy is 'imploding' as exports to the sanctioned country plummet, economists say

Yahoo Finance 19 May 22:

Why Russia’s Economy Hasn’t Collapsed Under The Weight Of Sanctions

With so many different opinions and sometimes bias, who should we give more weighting to influence in our decision making with our investment? I enjoy reading both differing views, however I will turn to the market, to see what it is telling me.

Market’s outcome is the best source of news.

From the following chart, the Russia Ruble has strengthened back well below its pre-war level. From an investor viewpoint, a strong currency represents stability and inflation is under control.

Please note I do not take any sides between nations and war is always wrong. My mission is to create lateral thinking skills for every investor and trader, knowing when to take a calculated risk with market uncertainty and a bolder risk when opportunity arises.

I have included the links from both sources, enjoy the read.

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