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Uncle Sam is getting squeezed by high borrowing cost

By Wong Kon How

Uncle Sam is getting squeezed by higher borrowing costs of $31 trillion too. Not just the ordinary folks on their home mortgage payment and small business owners on their borrowings.

· In 2022

According to CNN, fiscal 2022 alone, the federal government made $475 billion in net interest payments, up from $352 billion the prior year.

For context, that’s more than the government spent on veterans’ benefits and transportation – combined. And it’s nearly as much as the $677 billion spent on education.

· By 2025 or 2026

Federal interest payments could exceed the country’s entire defense budget, according to Moody’s Analytics. For context, defense spending stood at $767 billion in fiscal 2022.

· Conclusion

“Regardless of who wins the midterms or in 2024, there are really difficult decisions that will have to be made. This is really going to handcuff them,” said Moody’s Analytics

I have included the links from the source, enjoy the read:

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