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Some Good News For The Rest of 2022

By Wong Kon How

Some good news for the rest of 2022.

Outlook for 2023.

The good news:

· Reopening of China

Recalibrated a zero-COVID strategy that has been a major brake on commerce, and developed plans to rescue the collapsing property sector.

· US China Relationship

Leaders of the United States and China set a more positive tone for relations after meeting in person on Nov 14.

· Easing of Massive Hike

Federal Reserve officials supported expectations that the most powerful central bank will shift to less gargantuan interest rate hikes.

Where is the market moving from here?

A relief into the rest of 2022, however volatility is still expected in 2023 with great uncertainty. The only cure is when the U.S CPI starts trending below the 3% band; its last 40 years band.

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