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Apple has lost $1 trillion in market value in a year, more to come?

By Wong Kon How

Apple became the first public tech company valued at $3 trillion, but its market cap fell below $2 trillion in trading Tuesday for the first time since early 2021.

What is happening to Apple?

· Grappled with supply chain hiccups

· Consumer recession fears to buy their next iPhone

· Pricier products like the iPhone

· Covid restrictions in China factory

More selling?

· Next when global recession start taking shape

Technically, we table it for discussion in our weekly case study on the week of 26 September 2022. My question then to members: “Any reasons to support your idea Apple has transited to the Decline stage?”. Above chart, its divergence.

Check out our initial case study on this decline since December 2021. You can access our past case studies through "Timing the market" Telegram case study.

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