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Precious metals are showing signs of recovery.

Updated: May 6, 2021

They are an inflationary indicator and can also use as a hedging instrument. This may also means a possible shift or reversal on the other markets

At the closed of July 2017, we witnessed a recovery of +16.81% in the Silver market on July month alone; low being US$14.39 and and settled at US$16.80.

The hot topic for that month was Fed's unwinding of it's balance sheet, investors perceived it as economic recovery, this sent precious metals spiral down to it's lowest point in 2017 on 7th July. However, it also recovered very quickly and intensely, this signal a possible turnaround for the precious metals market.

For some time now, uncertain markets co-exist with low volatility, but I believe this phenomenon may change soon. We should be expecting more volatility ahead.

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