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Investment strategist 

An investment strategist is a skilled person in planning their investment deployment, in distributing their investment purchases systematically or strategically in three different macro market cycle - the bull, bear and range market.   


They deploy and allocate their investment between all the asset classes in the different stages of an investment cycle. Asset classes includes properties, fixed incomes, equities, funds, commodities and other cash instruments. They have a constitution of actions carefully planned to gain a specific investment end at every stages of a market cycle. 

They focus on absolute returns than relative returns.

Relative return is a measure of the return of an investment portfolio relative to a theoretical passive reference portfolio or benchmark. the performance is gauged by a benchmark, or index. Absolute return is a measure of the gain or loss on an investment portfolio expressed as a percentage of invested capital.

Absolute returns also means year-on-year gradual growth targets despite unfavorable stock market condition.  

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