Invest Right For Your Trade Type 


Knowing your trade type will help you in planning your investment better. Many have adopted a mismatch investment strategy that differs from their personality, inner motivation and life stages.

Investing is not just investing into a few good companies and hold onto them forever. If your current portfolio, more than 50% of it is in the red despite being a value investor, you should consider profiling yourself to find out which investor's type you belongs to.  


The 4 types are:

  • Long term investor 

  • Short term investor 

  • Short term trader 

  • Intra day trader 

How to do this quiz?


Answer the following 10 questions, do not over think and choose the option that will speak to you the most. This quiz should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Many were surprise to find out the trade type they actually belong to. Understanding your profile type, it will help you to be more structure in the way you think with the trade type analysis provided:


a) what type of investment opportunity you should be focusing on

b) how to make plan for it

c) how long you should stay in your investment 

d) what are the financial instruments you should adopt

e) how should you manage it 

Do note, the trade type analysis provided, showcase what each trade type is typically doing; professionally. It may not represent you are currently managing it in that manner. However, you could reference it on how you can improve yourself. Recommended to print the following quiz and the analysis. 

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