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Identifying market reversal 

- Using technical analysis to identify reversing trend 

- Identify those "Hammer" with higher weighting 


i) Understand behavioural science or market psychology through the studies using technical analysis and 
ii) Identifying market reversal, of those with higher weighting

Though I am using examples on 15 min charts and on indices - S&P, Dow Jones and Nasdaq. The principle shared is applicable for investors using longer time frame chart and other markets.


Kon How has more than 20 years of trading experience in the finance industry. He is an investment strategist, managing his own fund and he founded Weipedia Private Limited. CME Group and Singapore Exchange engaged him in developing training content and delivery. He served as a board member in a VWO and also a community leader with Citizens' Consultative Committees, an organisation where it plays a vital bridge between the people and the Government.


He specializes in the study of behavioural finance or the market psychology and he is an investment strategist. He is also an expert in risks management.


His company also provides expert witness, opinion and writing services in assisting lawyers in their arbitration for trading disputes.


Received many questions during the Q&A segment. I attempt to answer all the remaining 16 questions here

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  • Micro E-mini – Its attribute

  • Technical analysis

    • Common application – Superficial

    • Behavioural application – Understand from market psychology perspective

  • Behavioural application

    • The structure of “reversal up”

    • The formation before “reversal up”

    • Recognising the “reversal up” with higher weighting 

  • Case studies examples on 15 min chart

    • Micro E-mini Dow Jones

    • Micro E-mini S&P

    • Micro E-mini Nasdaq

  • Q&A

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