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Hedge and Trade with Derivatives 


- Hedge your investment during uncertain times 

- Trading into market volatility 



Protecting or hedging our investment in a constant changing and a volatile market. 

Leveraged investing and derivatives, they are a useful tool in a time of uncertainty and volatility. Understand how it works, can help you to trade and hedge more efficiently.


Different instruments are designed for specific purposes, stocks for investors and derivatives for traders.


Derivatives is one of the best instrument for traders, however without a good understanding on how it works, potential traders may not be able to sustain through to see results.

After the course, participants should gain confidence to start exploring into derivatives.


43 minutes 


Practical illustration with case studies 

Course Fee:

S$9.90, click on video to start

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Click on Video to preview and purchase e-course

E-course Fee: US$19.90, Usual at US$30

Unlimited access


  • Derivatives for hedging and trading 

  • Understand the different types of derivatives 

  • For Trader - 

    • How to choose the right market?

    • 2 simple keys to understand your selected derivatives  

    • How to tell the derivatives I am trading suit me?

    • Selecting the derivatives in the "New Norm"​

  • For investor -

    • How to hedge with derivatives



Attended by retail investors and traders

"It was a very good course. I like how you concised the fundamental of derivative trading and future into digestible size with the emphasis on contract value and specification. Of course, I think there is still much to learn before one can be comfortably trade...I am keen to find out more about your philosophy in trading and hopefully find inspiration to broaden my skill set.

Mr Kevin Chua


(Singapore) - 10 Jun16

"I found it informative and useful. The conservative approach, understanding and managing risks appeals to me. I have learned - not to fear volatility, there can be opportunity in volatility."

Mr Chew Ann Boon

(Singapore) - 25 Jan 15


Attended mainly by securities retail and licence professionals

"This is excellent and thanks for sharing. Education is a core tenet for SGX, I am very happy that we have quality of teachers like yourself helping with our vision to help people achieve financial security and independence long term. We are all living longer and this will make a difference"

Ms Jenny Chiam, Head of Securities of Singapore Exchange

(Singapore) -14 Oct 15

Attended mainly by bank traders

“…conducting an outstanding presentation…response to the seminar was overwhelming with 130 participants. The content of the presentation carries high degree of practically. Feedback from our members throughout the seminar is positive and encouraging”

Mr Jack Cheung, CEO of Treasury Market Association

(Hong Kong) -12 Jan 15

Attended mainly by securities and futures licence professionals

“…turnout rate of this training was great – about 30 participants (full house) attended”  “The participants rated very high of this course and their satisfaction of the course was 4.71 (where 5=very good… The average rating of instructor was 4.88. Well done and thanks for delivery such a great course for us.”

Ms Ruth Kung, Executive Director for Education & Development of Hong Kong Securities & Investment Institute

(Hong Kong) - 05 Nov 14

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