FinFuture Academy

  • Creating Social Values, Making Positive Impacts


FinFuture Academy (FFA) is a strategic Continuing Education and Training (CET) arm of Weipedia to equip professionals with relevant Future-Enabled Skills for Digital Economy and Future Economy.

Synergising among financial experts and established financial speakers with the first multi-disciplinary Specialist Adult Educator (an Infocomm Professional and a recipient of SkillsFuture Study Award) from the pioneer batch of MSc in Skills and Workforce Development (hosted at the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore), FFA will be an early adopter and advocate of the Skills Framework (SFw) for the Financial Industry.  FFA will innovatively deliver Blended Learning to promote Learning and Performance at our workplace which is crucial

  • to the development of Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (Budget 2019) for our Industry and Economy, and

  • to seize the opportunities and to effectively manage ‘the fundamental challenges [by each Professional and each Organisation] in the fields of skills, workforce development, employment [and talent management] in this period of global economic transformation, technological innovation and market uncertainty’ (MSc SWD @ IAL).


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