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Economic Outlook


The US dollar and the US economy are both looking very attractive today. Just a few years’ ago, the US subprime housing crisis in 2008 had the world on its edge. That was followed by massive money printing by the US Federal Reserve.


Now, the concern is on the weak European economies, and the fragile emerging market economies, including China. Will their problems affect the rest of the world?


More importantly, are all these events related?  Apparently "yes” according to Dr Tan Kee Wee. Even the rise of the terrorist group ISIS in the Middle East is related to these global economic events.


In a 80-minute lecture, that’s designed especially for the businessmen, and even for seasoned investors, Dr Tan will tie up all these events together. After listening to this lecture, you will understand better what has been happening in this world. It might even equipped you with the information to make better business and investment decisions.

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