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Dr Tan Kee Wee is the Principal Economist at Waveney Economics – the boutique economics advisory firm he started.  


Besides offering economic advice to businesses, Dr Tan also conducts economics courses for investors with the special emphasis on the capital markets and investment industry.


Dr Tan started off his career in 1988 as a journalist with the daily newspaper “Business Times”. That was after he secured his PhD in Economics from the University of East Anglia in Britain.


Despite spending most of his time in the business world, he continues to teach undergraduates economics on a part-time basis.


Dr Tan Kee Wee 
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Three Seemingly Unrelated Events

02 May 20

A few events happened this past week that although appear unrelated, are related to a major event that is unfolding before our eyes.

The first event was celebrated by Vietnamese of a major milestone in their history. Forty-five years ago this week on 30 April 1975, the horrors of the Vietnam War came to an end...

It’s Better to be Lucky and Stupid in Investments

25 Apr 20

It's always dangerous for new investors to make too much money too soon. Why? It's simply because when success comes early, it normally gives the new investors false confidence that they are better than they think they are.....

Saving Lives and Livelihoods are the Same

18 Apr 20

No one likes to be confined to their homes against their will for any prolonged period. Yes, even when staying at home is good for us against the dreaded Covid-19.

Soon, something has to give.

A few days ago, in the US state of Michigan, thousands of.....

Misleading Data Can Be Useful

04 Apr 20

Another high-level government employee has got himself into trouble for telling the truth. This time it is Capt Brett Crozier, the commander of the US aircraft
carrier Theodore Roosevelt operating in the Pacific Ocean.

He was removed from his post for saying, through the newspapers, that the coronavirus had hit his ship and he wanted more assistance for his crew



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