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Decoding the Gold & Silver Market 



Most universities do not cover the module on “Gold & Silver” in their studies of the current monetary system. Many economists and scholars today do not understand about the monetary and political value of these precious metals.     


In this workshop, you will learn about the history of money and why it is still applicable today. Also, we will study on the recent development where countries are investing and accumulating them.


Participants will understand the fundamental of Gold & Silver and achieve a clarity in reading into the current precious metals market cycles & trends.     


Suitable for:

  • Hedge fund traders 

  • Investment fund managers

  • Fianacial advisors

  • Individual interested in policy studies 

  • Mid to long term investors



  1. The history of Gold & Silver

  2. The relevant of these precious metals today

  3. Why Gold & Silver is a currency

  4. Technical reading – Elliot Wave Theory & Fibonacci Ratio

  5. The problem of today’s global money supply

  6. Which is better, Gold or Silver?

  7. This time is different, renewing your strategy

  8. Invest, Trade & Risks management



Kon How


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