Topic 2: Options Explained 

This video is not produced nor owned by Weipedia.  It presents Options strategies in a nutshell.

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Call Options & Put Options Explained Simply In 8 Minutes (How To Trade Options For Beginners)

SkillsFuture SG

FinFuture Academy

  • Creating Social Values, Making Positive Impacts


FinFuture Academy (FFA) is a strategic Continuing Education and Training (CET) arm of Weipedia to equip professionals with relevant Future-Enabled Skills for Digital Economy and Future Economy.

Synergising among financial experts and established financial speakers with the first multi-disciplinary Specialist Adult Educator (an Infocomm Professional and a recipient of SkillsFuture Study Award) from the pioneer batch of MSc in Skills and Workforce Development (hosted at the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore), FFA will be an early adopter and advocate of the Skills Framework (SFw) for the Financial Industry.  FFA will innovatively deliver Blended Learning to promote Learning and Performance at our workplace which is crucial

  • to the development of Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (Budget 2019) for our Industry and Economy, and

  • to seize the opportunities and to effectively manage ‘the fundamental challenges [by each Professional and each Organisation] in the fields of skills, workforce development, employment [and talent management] in this period of global economic transformation, technological innovation and market uncertainty’ (MSc SWD @ IAL).

Our belief:

Knowledge is not power. Applying what you have learned is. We create the bridge!


We believe that every keen investor and trader should have the opportunity to learn about the financial market in a progressive and manageable manner. Regardless of your background and your starting point, if you have the right learning attitude, you too can be a professional in this field.


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冠豪在金融行业有超过20年的交易经验。他是一名投资策略师,管理着自己的基金,他创立了维必达私人有限公司(Weipedia Private Limited)。芝加哥商品交易所(CME Group)和新加坡交易所(Singapore Exchange)聘请他开发培训内容和进行交付工作。他担任一所志愿福利组织(VWO)的董事会成员,同时也是公民咨询委员会(Citizens' Consultative Committees)的社区领袖,该组织在人民和政府之间起着至关重要的桥梁作用。










  • 2008年华尔街金融危机

  • 2008年金价的持续上涨,当时金价为900美元

  • 2014年和2015年亚洲市场动荡

  • 2016年7月投资中国市场

  • 2018年2月开始的全球动荡

  • 2020年原油崩盘


Value Investor Series

A trader's guide to learn about trading progressively

Credits :


This guide seeks to aid investors in:


  • making better use of annual reports;
  • focusing on keys issues and raising pertinent question and
  • enhancing their understanding of the overall profile of the companies they are assessing.


Why should one bother to read the Annual Report?


In many ways, the annual report is much like the report from your annual health check up:


  • both require some specialist knowledge to decipher, given industry jargon;
  • both provide you a snapshot of part of your well-being: one being physical, the other being financial (if you hold the stock); and
  • ignoring salient points lodged in the fine-printcan prove disastrous.


If I only had 10 minutes, what should I look at in the Annual Reports? ...Continue Reading

5 Must-Have Metrics For Value Investors

Credits :


If you're a value investor, there's no "right way" to analyze a stock. Even so, any successful investor will tell you that focusing on certain fundamental metrics is the path to cashing in gains. That's why you need to keep your eye on the metrics that matter.


As a value investor, you already know that when it comes to a company's health, the fundamentals are king. Fundamentals, which include a company's financial and operational data, are preferred by some of the most successful investors in history, including the likes of George Soros and Warren Buffett. That's no surprise, as knowing the ins and outs of a company's financial numbers - like earnings per share and sales growth - can help an in-the-know investor weed out the stocks that are trading for less than they're worth.


But that doesn't mean that all metrics are created equal – some deserve more of your attention than others. Here's a look at the five must-have fundamentals for your value portfolio. ...Continue Reading

The Value Investor's Handbook

Credits :


Value investing, and any type of investing for that matter, varies in execution with each person. There are, however, some general principles that are shared by all value investors. These principles have been spelled out by famed investors like Peter Lynch, Kenneth Fisher, Warren Buffet, John Templeton and many others. In this article, we will look at these principles in the form of a value investor's handbook.


  • Buy Businesses

  • Love the business You Buy

  • Simple Is Best

  • Look for Owners, Not Managers

  • When You Find a Good Thing, Buy a Lot

  • Measure Against Your Best Investment

  • Ignore the Market 99% of the Time

  • The Bottom Line ...Continue Reading

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We also provide consultancy services to SMEs and MNCs on macro-economics and it’s impact on business environment and trends.

Other than education, we are not providing any other form of financial services, therefore our delivery is unbiased and it is according to our expert's insights or views.  We are committed to help our clients in identifying market trends, tapping into opportunities in this ever changing environment and to hedge into any potential market risks. 


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