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Trading signal and it's outcome - Spotting 10 trades challenge

Topic: "Identifying market reversal in US stock indices" on 8th January 2020. We are thankful to have this opportunity to design this topic on behalf of CME Group. The partnering organizer has given us a "10 trades challenge", this means to alert 10 potential trading opportunities to their guests who have attended the presentation. 

Out of the "10 trade challenge" sent, to date, 7 trades have it's objective met, 2 trades are still in it's developing stage and 1 trade has been stop-out. Among all, the most satisfying trade was on trading signal 6 on Crude Oil with a $7 gain or 12% depreciated in it's prices over 5 trading days. To demonstrate the application taught can also be applied to other markets (gold, crude, US indices, soft commodities and bonds), following is an archive on the studies of the potential trading opportunity sent and it's subsequent outcome. This studies is to facilitate learning on identifying hammer and inversed hammer with higher weighting, and it is not a trade recommendation. Please see disclaimer before to continue.

For you to acquire this understanding on it's application. I have include a teaching video at the end of this page. 

Our Forecast 

The Result  

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