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Bull and bear investment strategies



Attended by retail investors and traders

"This course was excellent. I love your interpretation of fundamental analysis aspect which also include the technical analysis too. Something new to me."

Mr Di'Nurul Ra'Z'aLi

Private Investor

(Singapore) 21 Jan 19

"Very interesting, it has broaden my investment horizon."

Mr Larry Goh 

Advertising business 

(Singapore) - 15 Oct 18

"I like every minute of it. It given me an understanding, just like fitting missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

I learnt how macro affecting the micro economics, which in term affect the stock prices. Also, how to strategies and deploy our savings fund in 3 different markets - bull, range and bear and when market condition changes." 

Mr Lim Kah Yong


(Singapore) - 11 Apr 18

"The programme is very easy to understand. A new avenue in learning about investment has just opened to for me. I like the presetation flow and I am missing out in the macro portion on my investment. Thank you very much."

Ms Jezzamyn 

Private Investor 

(Singapore) - 17 Aug 16


"Thank you for this interesting course. My wife commented that she is able to follow the class very well. I like your sharing and especially on the part of risk management as well as deciding at the point of entry whether it is for trading or investing. Once I am clear on that I am more confident in my positions and know what steps to take. I practise what you have say on one of my trade for investing and I felt confident and no longer affected by the daily fluctuations of the share price.

Mr Ching H.H. & Wife

Accountant & Social Counsellor

(Singapore) - 28 May16



Attended mainly by securities retail and licence professionals

"This is excellent and thanks for sharing. Education is a core tenet for SGX, I am very happy that we have quality of teachers like yourself helping with our vision to help people achieve financial security and independence long term. We are all living longer and this will make a difference"

Ms Jenny Chiam, Head of Securities of Singapore Exchange

(Singapore) -14 Oct 15


Attended mainly by bank traders

“…conducting an outstanding presentation…response to the seminar was overwhelming with 130 participants. The content of the presentation carries high degree of practically. Feedback from our members throughout the seminar is positive and encouraging”

Mr Jack Cheung, CEO of Treasury Market Association

(Hong Kong) -12 Jan15


Attended mainly by securities and futures licence professionals

“…turnout rate of this training was great – about 30 participants (full house) attended”  “The participants rated very high of this course and their satisfaction of the course was 4.71 (where 5=very good… The average rating of instructor was 4.88. Well done and thanks for delivery such a great course for us.”

Ms Ruth Kung, Executive Director for Education & Development of Hong Kong Securities & Investment Institute

(Hong Kong) - 5th November 2014

Bull & Bear Investment Strategies 


Learn the different long term investment approach and strategies for bull, bear and range market. 

A tactical workshop about investment deployment.


Finding value is only one part of the whole investment matrix.


This course will guide you to be an investment strategist. An investment strategist is a skilled person in planning their investment deployment; in distributing their investment purchases systematically and strategically in three different macro market cycles - the bull, bear and range market. You will also learn the keys in filtering the right stocks for value investing.


In this volatile market condition, having these strategies and knowing how to make your entry and time your investments is an essential tool for long term investors. 


For who:

This course is suitable for value investors, for both new and experienced.


Those needs a better edge in their investment decision making and planning. 


Learning outcome:


  • The steps and process in making an investment decision 

  • The keys in filtering great companies 

  • The bull market investment strategies 

  • The bear market investment strategies

  • The range market investment strategies

  • Choosing the right investment products that suits you

        - Stocks or Funds or Special Investment Products 

  • The risks management  

Date & Venue:

No physical classes since COVID-19 

Refer to E-learning for similar course


Course fee:

SGD40, check for early bird discount upon registration



Wong Kon How 


Synopsis in detail:

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