Which countries are battling with high inflation?

I made reference of these countries and their currencies against the USD, from year 2000 to their recent years high, we could see theses currencies have been depreciating drastically. These are just a few, there are many more, their currencies has also been depreciating over the years. A weak currency brings inflation. This does not help when US Fed started to rise it's interest since December 2015, these currencies has weaken even further. From the recent Fed's announcement, they are determine to have more hikes. http://www.weipedia.com/volatility #GFC #Lehmancrisis #Asiacrisis #USSubprime #Defaultcreditswap #emergingmarkets #marketcrash #wallstreetmeltdown #interestrate #Tradewar #bankingc

Special edition: Crazy Rich Asians - The

Here is an account of my encounter with the Crazy Rich Asians in Paddock Club of Singapore Grand Prix 2018. I'm very thankful to have received an invitation to it! Paddock Club is the most expensive among all the ticketing categories. After watching Crazy Rich Asians movie, I was looking forward to indulge myself and to experience how the Crazy Asians will be spending their F1 nights in Singapore. Some information about the ticket categories The Grandstands is not the most premium, the following will give you an idea how you can choose to enjoy and pamper yourself in the near future. 1) Formula Paddock Club - SGD8,888 (approx) 2) Sky suite - Price ??? 3) Twenty 3 (New) - Price ??? 4) The Gre

The vicious cycle between the Emerging markets, Trade war and US interest rate

An interview with Yasmin Jonkers and Elliott Danker from Money FM 89.3 on 14 Sep 18 Qn: Kon How, recount your memory of Global Financial Crisis of 2008 In fact there were 3 stages leading to the Lehman crisis. First, it was triggered by the US housing subprime mortgage crisis because of a flawed financial modelling – where retailer borrowed heavily and when interest rate started to rise, things started to cracked, this lead to Wall Street meltdown and then to the banking crisis, with Lehman crisis. Qn: How was it different from Asia Financial Crisis in 1997 in terms of market impact? Asia crisis was a top-down issue whereas Lehman Crisis was a bottom-up issue. But both started with greed or


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