3 key reasons: Time to get cautious on US equities

1) The accelerating rate-of-change of US interest rate hike - The first hike in the recent years was in 2015, second hike was in 2016 and in 2017 alone, there were three hikes. The Fed also mentioned likely to have more hikes in 2018. Means 1x in 2015, 1x in 2016, 3x in 2017 and maybe 3X or more in 2018. A continual increase in interest rates in this uncertain economy is not a good sign, it may cause a lot of pressure especially to businesses and properties that are on a higher gearing. 2) The weakness of the US dollar - it has started since the beginning of 2017. To date, it has depreciated about 15% and that is concerning for a US dollar currency. To reason the hikes attributed to the heat


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