Time to buy Silver?

A time to buy Silver? Seeing an immediate support for Silver. For trader, any purchase can consider to risk it below 21 Nov low. For investor, it should be a good time to start considering investing in metals. Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/Weipedia/photos/a.210207872359621.47523.203475543032854/1140876755959390/?type=3&theater For more resources and to learn more: www.weipedia.com #Silver #Gold #Preciousmetals #USdollarweakness #Storedvalue #Nixonshock

The Straits Times Global Outlook Forum - Watch DPM Tharman's keynote speech

THE STRAITS TIMES GLOBAL OUTLOOK FORUM - Summary for US, China & Sinagpore 1. There is a steady shift to a new phase in global affairs a. Slower economic growth for many years to come, especially due to changing demographics in many countries b. Slower growth in trade, especially due to the evolution of the Chinese economy 2. In the US: a. Jobs are disappearing in the middle of the workforce b. Jobs are unfilled because employers cannot find people with the right skills c. Looming pensions and healthcare financing crisis 3. In China: a. China is now producing more of parts which it used to import from countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Japan, resulting in slower trade growth b. Its

Indeed as studied, a year of volatility for Asia markets in 2015

One year on, we indeed see good volatility over the last 11 months. As of today, we could witness the volatility in past months. We should have seen the low in China for the time being. Once China's consumer spending starts to pick up gradually, we are seeing more stability ahead. Following was our studies posted at the beginning of this year. We said 2015 is going to be a year with good volatility. Since middle of 2011, traders and brokers have been complaining about the market with lack of trading opportunities. However, there are signs that this consolidation is towards it's last phase or may have ended. Looking forward to a good year for traders. See our post on on 5th January 2015: http


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