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Analysing the changing cycles & trends 

- Combining Macro Analysis with Technical Analysis 




Most funds houses and investors under perform as they fail to see a change in the market tides, its cycles and trends. This course work towards achieving absolute return in balancing portfolios between different asset classes – Bonds, Stocks & Shares and Commodities.


Dr Tan will guide you to understand on how the overall market phenomenal works through Macro Analysis. Kon How will focus on applying both Technical and Macro Analysis. He will discuss on how to:


1) Analyse market behaviours that may lead to a change in market cycle and trend.

2) Manage risks in today’s volatility.


Course highlights:


  • Practical segment with case studies on the different markets


Learning outcome:


  • Using macro analysis to ride the next major trends

  • How studying the big picture has become possible

  • How economists come up with the big picture

  • How data affect and steer economics policies

  • Identifying the changing trend through volatility analysis

  • Quantifying between technically analysis and macro analysis

  • Managing risks in today’s volatility


* Technical analysis refers to the study of market movements or behaviours


Who should attend:


  • Relationship manager

  • Compliance Personnel

  • Fund Administrators / Managers

  • Financial Planners / Advisors

  • Independent Asset Managers



Kee Wee & Kon How



1 days (6 hours)


More information:



Synopsis in details:



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