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12-15 Nov 17 - China Derivatives Crude Oil Analysts International Program


It was attended by fund managers and industry traders. Thank you for inviting me to share on trading strategies and risks management. Training alongside with the researchers from Argus Media, Mr Arthur Yan - Head of Policy, Industry & Regulatory Affairs of BP and Mr Diao - spokesperson from ShangHai International Energy Exchange. With the China stock market turbulence in 2014 and 2015. The environment is preparing itself both in it's infrastructure and market knowledge before the launch of PetroYuan.

01 Oct 17 - AIA on Investment Habits for High Network Investor


Delivered this topic to about 350 Financial Service Consultant from AIA. We discussed about the psychology of the HNW investors, what are they struggling with in today's uncertainty? The difference between the "Rich" and "Wealthy" HNW investors, and how FSC can bridge the gap through their services.