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24-28 Oct 16 - Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Presented a topic to the regulators HKMA, Hong Kong Monetary Authority. My great privilege and honour to be able to share some insights on irregular trading activities. We discussed on the behavioral science of the markets or the unusual trading activities. Also, presented my wishlist on 1) how we can better equip and protect the retail investors and 2) how to safeguard the financial service sector in these uncertain periods.

24-28 Oct 16 - Hong Kong Securities Institute


Presented a workshop "Strategies or Intra-day Trading" with HKSI. Attended by hedge fund traders, algo traders, license holders and private investors. Thankful to Ms Ruth Kung, Executive Director of HKSI for inviting me to share on this topic again. The rating for this workshop was 4.88/5.

Also, the subject on "Managing and Trading in Today's Volatility". It was attended by asset fund managers, license holders and private investors. The focus was on the importance of achieving absolute returns, especially in these uncertain periods.

24-28 Oct 16 - SGX Hong Kong

We discussed about the changing landscape in the financial markets. Both Hong Kong and Singapore are blessed to be a financial hub, having different markets and instruments or products that are readily available for us to tab into it. To help our clients and business, we need to keep exploring and learning them, especially in this uncertain periods. On my left Mr Ringo, Head of SGX HK and Jason. Always very thankful to him to open doors. Also, thankful to Mr Wilson Lam, board of director of HKSA for this opportunity to address to your members.

17 Aug 16 - University students 


My pleasure to be able to share investment insights and strategies to the top 11 students from China. They are business undergraduates from different parts of China, there were all being handpicked to visit Singapore for this exchange programme. Already connected with them on Wechat. There are so much sharing between us, so bless with their knowledge. I hope this will bring greater collaboration and more partnership between the two countries in the near future.