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07-09 Dec 15 - Chicago Board Options Exchange

So blessed to have the opportunity to explore education programmes with Mr Russell Rhoads. He is the Senior Instructor with Option Institute in CBOE and author to many trading and hedging strategies books. It will be an exciting 2016 with more options education and hedging instruments in our market.

The other picture taken with from left, Ms Stephanie Klein, Chief Marketing Officer of CBOE, Ms Lynn Gaspar, Head of Retail Investor of SGX and Mr Rusell Rhoads, Director of program development of CBOE. Looking forward to more Options trading and education in Singapore. Opening of CBOE Options Institute at SGX on 9th December 2015.

20 Mar 15 - National Institute of Education

My right, Dr Koh Noi Keng, Chairman of the Citi-National Institute of Education Financial Literacy Hub for teachers. Together with SGX's official, SGX has partnered with NIE on programme to increase financial literacy among teachers. This 8 modules designed for the teachers. 

04 Feb 15 - Morgan Stanley Composite Index 

Middle, Mr Rama Pillai, Deputy Head of Sales & Clients of SGX. Left, Mr Christopher Ryan, Head of Asia Pacific of MSCI. We were sharing about opportunity in ASEAN in Kulua Lumpur. Attended by about 100 industry practitioners.

12-16 Jan 15 - Treasury Market Association in Hong Kong Monetary Authority


A week that I will always remember. Met old friends and made new ones. Did a total of 8 sessions of workshops to sales, bank's traders, regulators, fund managers, departmental heads and brokers. Attended lots of meetings too. Hong Kong is definitely the financial hub of Asia.