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04-05 Nov 14 - Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute 

On my right, Ms Ruth Kung, Executive Director of HKSI. On my left, Mr Kevin Liem, CIO and co-founder of TTG Wealth Management. My pleasure to work with them, they are full of dedication in what they do.

Next picture, industry practitioners attending their CPT - Continous Program Training. They are very punctual.

A selfie with a full turn-out class of market professional. Rating received from them at 4.88/5.00, the highest the institute clocked to date. Thank for the feedback!  Could you see a waving hand? Did not bring my monopod, taking from different angle to make sure everyone is in.

04-05 Nov 14 - Visiting SGX office in Hong Kong 

Mr Ringo Chiu, Chief of SGX Hong Kong. A man who makes things happen. Thanks for the hospitality ans sharing. Learn so much from you... not forgetting the man behind the scene, Mr Ong Cheong Jin, Director of SGX. He envisioned on this collaboration between HKSI and SGX.

From my right Ms Abby Leung, Ms Yu Qing Jing and Mr Toh Li. They are the Senior Associate, Senior Manager and Director of SGX in Hong Kong. Thanks for your support, especially on the final evening!

Also visited Citic Securities. With me, Ms Polly Poon, Director of Citic Securities International. A very dynamic woman wearing many hats.

Swing by to take a look at the "Umbrella Revolution". I feel safe being there. Very responsible protesters.


25 Sep 14 - Singapore National Library

SGX Sector Connect / Topic: Portfolio Building with focus on Consumer Services, Real Estate and Utilities sectors.

On my extreme right, Mr Wilson Ang CEO of Viva Industrial Trust. Middle, Mr James Koh, head of regional consumer of DMG & Partners Securities.

24 Aug 14 - NTU 

Together with the organizers who is also the student's leaders. Congrats, you guys did it! It was very well attended with 290 students from mostly the business faculty.

Next picture, on my right, Mr David Ng, Vice President of NTU-IIC. On my extreme left, Mr Zheng YunDi, the one who ensure the success of this event.

Students still coming in, waiting to start.